February 2016

Bedford Art Society Annual Dinner

This year, for the second time, we had our ‘Christmas’ Dinner at the King William Pub in Kempston. Thanks go to Mary for organizing this. There were 25 of us and from the laughter and chatter everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. This meal together gives members a chance to get to know each other better – though many members have made good friends already in the Society. We’ll do it again next year….

Pauline Brown

Ali Yanya demonstrations in his unique style

This month we were treated to a watercolour demonstration by the artist Ali Yanya who showed us his method of building a picture.
He begins by observing people and drawing them in detail. He then traces them to obtain an outline shape or silhouette, which he transfers onto a heavy watercolour paper, before beginning a loose wash using a limited palette.
His figures become translucent shapes – this time in a queue – which are layered to give the impression of depth. He believes this also gives the impression of the transience of a crowd or group of people who move to other places after they have left the place of original observation.
He explained his choice of colours and contrasts which left many of our members wanting to have a go at the technique.

Diane Bell