April 2016

Derek Daniells’ Oil Workshop, 16 April 2016 at Renhold Village Hall

Twelve of us watched Derek paint a London scene in oils. He worked from one of his own photographs (though he said he preferred working from life), starting by indicating with a yellow ochre type colour, dabs where dark areas lay. He then laid lines in muted colours, mostly vertical, where walls and windows were. He added colour and shadows, bringing the painting to life. His finished scene was deceptively simple but proportionally correct, making a pleasing whole.

Our efforts were varied, both in style and content. Some of us were new to oils and enjoyed being able to correct or eliminate paint where it didn’t work – oil is amenable to alteration. We tried to incorporate Derek’s techniques and suggestions. We finished by adding people, as instructed, or rather an idea of people and what they were doing.

Spending a good part of a day painting is very fulfilling….but TIRING! A good day.

Pauline Brown

Spring Exhibition

Bedford Art Society’s Spring Exhibition was held 8 – 10 April at the Bedford MS Therapy Centre on Barkers Lane, Bedford. It was a new venue for us. 26 members exhibited paintings of both quality and variety, 7 paintings were sold. The atmosphere throughout the weekend – and especially at the very well attended exhibition opening – was lively, and most convivial. Many people dropped in over the weekend and enjoyed a cuppa and cake and a chat with artists and members alike. A great success. And we raised quite a lot of money, over £400, for an excellent cause!

Our Autumn Exhibition will be held at Borough Hall, Bedford running from the 8th to the 21st October

The MS Therapy Centre, Barkers Lane, venue for spring exhibition

The MS Therapy Centre, set up in 1983 for people with MS by people with MS, aims to provide all the therapies, services and support needed for people with multiple sclerosis to manage their condition.

We have built a purposely designed Therapy Centre where we provide therapy and support to over 1,000 members in Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire, with approximately 350 people attending weekly, and two new members coming to us each week for therapy, advice or support.

We employ 19 professional therapists and use over 50 volunteers each week (many of whom have MS themselves) to run the Centre.

We do not receive any statutory funding, and have to raise approximately £350,000 each year in order to provide our services. We do not charge for therapy, but encourage our members to donate to us, and to help with the great amount of fund raising that has to be undertaken each year.

Some of the therapies provided are: MS Specialist Nurse, neuro physiotherapy, orthotics, specialised gym, hydrotherapy, counselling, dietician, continence advice and bladder clinic, and several complementary therapies such as reflexology, shiatsu massage, pilates, yoga and oxygen therapy. We also provide services such as loan of equipment and some transport for those who have no transport of their own.

We are truly a self-help organisation.

Keely Ann Jones

Tara Tate, talks on the ‘New Voices & Guises of Contemporary Art’

Tara Tate’s illustrated talk entitled ‘New Voices and Guises of Contemporary Art’, expanded on art throughout relatively recent times till the present day, discussing what sets it apart from other periods of history. For example, the straightforward, even photographic interpretation of subjects to the psychological (Munch) or surrealistic (Dali). With a Masters in Fine Art from The Slade School of Fine Art, Tara brought a wealth of knowledge to her subject, coupled with an amazing enthusiasm.

Pauline Brown