July 2016

CLIFFORD KNIGHT, Founder Member of Bedford Art Society, Dies.

Clifford Knight has passed away quietly at home whilst asleep. He was a founder member of BAS when it was then called Bedford Art Circle in 1954. He has been a stalwart member of the society ever since, even rising to be Chairman 1987 / 1989, until he moved away from the area about eight or possibly ten years ago. Even there Clifford soon joined in with the local art scene with the FPAA with Mr John Frederick Black as its President and founder member.

Whilst with the BAS Clifford always exhibited his works at every exhibition arranged by the society. I believe there was a retrospective exhibition of Clifford’s works in Wellingborough. Clifford’s works, although colourful, always managed to create an atmosphere that some described as melancholic. They could be of a building in a state of disrepair or a piece of neglected farm equipment or other machinery. His attention to detail was meticulous, and one could feel drawn into his work with an overcast sky threatening to downpour at any moment. Ask Clifford who his favourite artist was and he would fire back with John Piper followed closely by Edward Burrows. Whenever committee discussion came around to someone opening an exhibition of members’ works, Clifford always wanted a big name (as he put it). It was tried once, but when the ‘big name’ came back with a request for an appearance fee of some £3000 the committee returned to a local name but that never stopped Clifford from trying again and again for several years. I will miss seeing Clifford, although we only met at quarterly meetings in Wellingborough but am grateful that I knew him and being part of his art world.

At the time of writing details of his funeral arrangements are not yet known.

Andy Graham

PLEASE NOTE:- Details now confirmed as Monday 18th July 2.30 pm at Kingsway Methodist Chapel Wellingborough followed by cremation at Kettering crematorium 15:45 pm

Bedford Art Society June meeting

At out last meeting at Putnoe Church we met an artist, Marilyn Ellis, who has been on the television programme 'Watercolour Challenge, has published books and lectured on cruises.

She planned to show her work through two paintings, which were of a loose and free style. It is amazing what can be done with three brushes, some colour and a bowl of water.

The first picture was taken from a photograph of cyclists on the Tour de France, demonstrating movement and speed. Marilyn had drawn the outline first and explained how she chose the colours to use, which would complement each other and enhance the action. The cycles were amazing and made you want to cheer the riders on.

The second picture, completed after our tea break, was a beach scene with people leading donkeys along the sand on a sunny summer's day.

The finely pointed brushes gave a detailed finish to the paintings, which used loose colour to pick out the characters and their clothing. An initial wash gave the sky and the ground for each picture, followed by the finer points of the colours and shadows of the main characters, plus a few extra pointers and tips which would add to the scenery to make it more realistic.

A most informative evening with something to practice at home.

Diane Bell