September 2016

Bedford Art Society September meeting.

At our September meeting at Putnoe Heights Church, we were treated to a demonstration of portraiture by Peter Keegan.

He chose one of our members to draw and photographed her on his ipad. Armed with this picture, he showed us how he began to plot out his drawing with thin oils, stressing the proportions and direction of head, which gave us an insight into his work practice.. He talked us though all his techniques and by the time he had plotted out the main features of the face - the eyes – we could see the person begin to emerge from the paper. Already we could tell who it was.

As he built up the picture layering the paints and blending the colours to achieve his end, we marvelled at his talent, and vowed to try some of his ideas for ourselves. We also enjoyed looking at some other examples of his work during our tea-break.

We are very excited as he is coming to give us a workshop in October and where we hope to learn more to improve our own efforts.

Diane Bell