February 2017

James Green airbrush demo, BAS February meeting.

We met on 3 February for another demonstration, this time of an art form which most of us have not tried – airbrush.
James Green, a trained graphic artist, introduced us to this unfamiliar form by showing us the techniques and equipment which we would need if we wanted to take up airbrushing. He showed us the differences between direct spraying, giving a sharp edge to the shape, and indirect spraying which gives a blurred edge.
He stressed the need to keep the air brush pen clean and explained the compressors which are needed to blow the air through the pen. Some artists have a different pen for each colour they use in a painting, but James doesn't do this. He demonstrated how he builds up layers to achieve an intensity of colour, and some of the materials he can manipulate to achieve a wide variety of effects. Lines, blocks and shading were all demonstrated to show us what is possible.
He went on to explain the value of masking film, and then proceeded to show us how to use it to build up a picture of a ripe and rosy apple. From a circle with colour pencil marks on it he used yellows, greens, orange, red and blue to achieve a final picture of a delicious-looking apple. He removed the film to enable him to give a shadow to ground the fruit, which finished the evening in an amazing way.

Diane Bell