March 2017

Annual Dinner

Our Annual Dinner was held at The Pheasant in Bedford on 31st March – a little later than usual. 32 people were there and from the chatter and camaraderie they all seemed to be enjoying themselves. Ralph Pointer came over from Northampton to meet up with members he’d known for years when outdoor painting or at Portrait Sessions, One of our new members, Pam, brought her husband who we all thought would make an interesting model. We don’t know exactly how he felt about it!

Some of us got involved in the Pub Quiz afterwards and realised we weren’t as smart as we thought we were. But, hey,. We rather liked it. And we all went home smiling.

Thanks for organising it, Mary.

Pauline Brown

Alexandra Drysdale talks about light in art

On 3 March we met at our usual place of Putnoe Heights Church to hear Alexandra Drysdale talk about the science of light in art.

She began with a brief explanation of light as perceived by scientists throughout history, and showed us how this has been used in paintings by artists demonstrating their skills in this field. Light has been used to enhance the wide variety of materials worn by sitters from metals to velvet's and satin's, or to show religious subjects indicating where the presence of God appears.

We were shown many famous paintings through history and in to modern times, which proved a valuable lesson in using light in our work.

We were reminded that our Art Exhibition and sale will be held in the new venue at the Bunyan Church beginning on Friday 19 May to Saturday 27 May.

Diane Bell