April 2017

Guy Scott doing portrait

We enjoyed a demonstration of portraiture last night, Friday, when Guy Scott chose to paint our Chairman, Andy.

Guy was the Director of Art at Stowe School for many years so his presentation was clear and understandable for all. He has much experience in the world of art and has exhibited all over the country, so we looked forward to his demonstration.

He began by outlining his techniques and explaining why he worked in the way that he does and the materials which he uses. He gave us tips on various aspects of working in acrylics, before he began to paint a sketch of Andy. The picture seemed to emerge from the canvas in an uncanny way, as so often is the way, but a likeness was captured to the delight and surprise of everyone, not least Andy himself.

Guy welcomed questions from the floor and answered fully. We all enjoyed the evening and, so too, I'm sure, did our guests.

Diane Bell