June 2017

Outdoor Painting

We started our outdoor painting on Thursday in warm sunshine, at the historic Foster Hill Road cemetery. The Friends made us very welcome, and the maintenance workers even moved their truck so that we could get a better view of the chapel. The Pavilion in the Park was an excellent lunch venue nearby.

We'll be meeting again at the same spot, at 10 am on Thursdays, for the next two weeks.

Do join us if you can.

Teresa Moon

Chris Christoforou

On 2 June we met at our usual place of Putnoe Heights Church for an illustrated talk by Chris Christoforou about Beauty in your Backyard.

He encouraged us to look close to home for inspiration for our pictures – neighborhood cats, dogs, farm animals and their environs. He explained that he takes many photos to get the best view he can and then crops them, to close in on the subject or place it well within the scene to be painted. This could give rise to a wide variety of views of the same subject.

He also takes photos of wild animals and puts them into his pictures choosing similar colorings to get the best results, such as a pheasant or fox placed in an autumn woodland scene.

He explained that some of his pictures were composites, for example, when he photographed a working gun-dog with a female pheasant in its mouth and he would substitute a male pheasant to achieve greater interest, or used an interesting woodland scene to add in a fox, pheasant, owl or toadstool.

This gave us food for thought in that we don't have to go far and wide to discover something interesting to paint. It may be on our doorstep. It depends on how we look at the view.

Diane Bell