September 2017

Hashim Akib gave us a demonstration

On 8 September we met at our usual place of Putnoe Heights Church and we welcomed a full house to see Hashim Akib give us one of his demonstrations. This is not the first time he has visited us, but his subject this time was a wildlife picture in acrylics.

He began painting on a canvas covered with a bright turquoise colour. The subject – a leopard at Chester Zoo – looked magnificent as it relaxed in front of some tropical foliage.

Hashim explained his technique of using large flat brushes with a variety of colours which he 'stroked ' over the canvas in different directions until it was covered. He highlighted the light and dark areas which he would need as he proceeded. At this stage it was quite difficult to see how the animal would appear, but with his hand moving in all directions, it did become easier to see the leopard coming through as the demonstration progressed.

The audience was amazed to see the creature emerge from the jungle gradually, to become the beautiful animal it is, especially as the initial colours seemed probable for the sunject.

A wonderful aand instructive evening.

Diane Bell