February 2018

Bedford Art Society February 2018 meeting.

On 2 February we met at Putnoe Heights Church for an unusual talk and demonstration about stained glass by artist and creator Anna Conti.

Beginning with an outline of her career development, she went on to explain the method she used to produce a panel of stained glass – her first assignment being for Sir Richard Branson. She told us that she worked on projects all over the world which email has made easier, and she stressed the fact that she liked to make her panels sympathetic to the customer.

Anna is a passionate advocate of the retention of stained glass panels which architects incorporated into their house designs especially in the 1920's and 1930's, and she is horrified when such work is removed and destroyed. She encouraged us to prevent this happening whenever we might come across this destruction. Older panels can easily be restored and they are sympathetic to their site.

She has worked with individuals, schools, and work places as well as care homes and she is proud of the fact that the people who work or learn in these places have contributed ideas for the windows. She showed us the intricate paper drawings she makes before choosing the glass and assembling her work .

Finally we saw some of the lovely windows, panels, screens and ceilings which she has installed around the world including some which were the result of the paper drawings she had shown us earlier.

A fascinating evening.

Diane Bell