March 2018

Paul Fullstone March 2018 meeting.

Our meeting was postponed due to the snow so we met on 16th March to watch a demonstration of ink and wash paintings by Paul Fullstone, an untrained artist. He leads workshops as well as giving demonstrations and exhibitions.

He began by explaining that he tries only to use 6 or 7 colours in his pictures and described the weight of paper which he uses.

He began with an outline in pencil which centred his focal point, and, although he was working from a photograph, he edited it considerably to give him the picture which he wanted. He stressed his view that there should be a dark area across the top and bottom of the painting with hazy and lighter side edges, thus focusing the eye on the main focal point of the picture.

As his picture grew he demonstrated first that he inked in his pencilled line to give shape to the scene, and this was followed by broad strokes of paint across the wetted paper. As his easel was sloping it eabled the paint to blend and merge after whch he defined the buildings and foliage to bring out the details. When he added the shadows it made it appear more 3-dimensional and realistic.

We looked at his sketch books which were more like scrap books and they gave a geater insght into his work.

Diane Bell

Annual dinner at the Three Tuns

Bedford Art Society enjoyed their annual dinner at the Three Tuns in Biddenham this week, where about twenty members joined together to chat and get to know each other a bit more than when they meet at demonstrations, portrait classes and outdoor painting sessions. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was very friendly, so we all agreed that we had had a good evening which we would like to repeat in the future.

Diane Bell

How about a day out in Cambridge

If you want an entertaining day out why don't you visit the newly re-opened Kettles Yard in Cambridge? Either go on the X5 or by the Park and Ride system, and have a lovely lunch at the cafe before going round the house and galleries viewing the art. The atmosphere is calm and gentle

Don;t forget tot visit the little church behind the gallery which has an amazing array of baskets from Bangladesh displayed and suspended from the ceiling in an intriguing way. On the day I visited the sun was shining on the late snowdrops, scillas and wood anemones, which all added to the enjoyment.

Diane Bell