November 2018

Bedford Art Society November 2018 meeting

Our winter season continued with a bewitching presentation by Jacquie Jones,. She is a notable painter of horses and other animals in watercolour among other mediums. She wore an outfit suitable for the time of year and impressed us with her costume.

She began her demonstration by drawing a pencil sketch of a horse on thick watercolour paper, 200 grade, and followed this with another one by its side. Two more were completed to fill the A3 paper and a race was revealed before our eyes.

Jacquie then began to mix her watercolours and to lay down the colours on the subjects. She welcomed questions about her work and life while she worked which revealed a varied and extraordinary adventure through wanting to be a lady jockey and her life at Newmarket, to art training teaching herself and her determination to reach the goals which she set herself.

She has painted many commissions in the Middle East – mostly horses, and has widely travelled the world with her skills, becoming a very successful artist along the way.

A most enjoyable and entertaining evening.

Diane Bell