December 2018

Art Sessions with Tibbs Dementia Foundation

A few members of BAS volunteered to help at six sessions at The Higgins run by Tibbs Dementia Foundation. The Foundation was awarded the Queen's Award for Voluntary Services this year.

At each session a volunteer worked with a dementia sufferer allowing the carer or partner freedom to work on their own. This was not a formal arrangement pairing seemed to happen naturally. Leaders from Tibbs were on hand to assist and advise at all times.

We practised with acrylics, oil pastels, origami, collage and clay. It was rewarding, educational but above all great fun.
During the six weeks a frieze representing Bedford was created with everyone contributing to an impressive display which will be exhibited at different places in Bedford.

The photos show the frieze and examples of the clay work and Christmas cards and trees created on the last session.

The course was so popular it is hoped another series will be held in the spring.

Jean Paterson

The Paul Kane gave us a demonstration

The artist, Paul Kane, gave us a demonstration on 7th December showing what can be done in charcoal. He explained the different types of charcoals available and how he used his to make a wide variety of effects and tones from very dark and heavy to light and narrow. His use of a putty rubber to enhance the effects was remarkable.

He then proceeded to draw an old and familiar pair of walking boots for us, explaining that he liked to use familiar items in his still life pictures. First he blocked in the dark areas of the leather to establish where the light fell, then he covered the whole expanse of paper before smudging it to give a background.

Then he built up layers of charcoal to make his picture, demonstrating the different textures for the leather, soles, laces, cuff and eyelets in the boots. He also used the rubber to add to the effects and the resulting picture was a life-like pair of walking boots but not a photographic representation.

He then did a free-hand landscape to show us other techniques and he left us wanting to experiment with a medium we may have not used before.

Diane Bell