April 2019

Demonstration in acrylics by Peter Keegan

On Friday 5 March we were given a demonstration in acrylics by Peter Keegan, an artist with a studio at Claydon House – a National Trust property in Buckinghamshire.

He had taken a photo in the park around the house and he sketched it out with swift marks on a thick quality paper. He chose a limited number of colours for his picture – two reds, two yellows, two blues, white and a green.

His style for this work was impressionistic, and while he painted he told us why he chose the colours, the brushes and style for a painting of this type. He related biographical details of previous impressionist painters like Monet as he worked, which gave a greater depth of understanding of these artists.

He is running a workshop event for members of the Society, and will demonstrate further techniques to encourage us to broaden our skills, which will be enjoyed by all who are able to participate.

Diane Bell