June 2019

Norman Rossiter tellus about ink pencils

This month we were given a demonstration by Norman Rossiter, who began by telling us about his beginnings as a graphic artist. He progressed from that to a fully practicing artist and teacher. He explained why he had chosen to use Derwent ink pencils for this demonstration. He brought some of his pictures to show us and some cards for sale.

He prefers flat surfaces to do his work, as it gives a better finish for the inks. They come in pencil form or blocks and the choice is made according to the mark to be made. The one thing which needs to be remembered is that once the ink is on the paper it cannot be removed, so careful thought is needed before a picture is attempted. When layers are needed the ink needs to be dry before the next layer is applied.

His demonstrations included mixing the inks, layering, leading to a peacock, a kingfisher, and a landscape all showing the versatility of the medium.

Diane Bell