September 2019


On Saturday, 14 September, Rob gave us a workshop at Renhold Village Hall, using two models. We always have our workshops on Saturdays so that those who are busy during the week are able to attend.

First, he gave a demonstration of a man in a hat. He started by very roughly sketching in the shape of his head and a brief idea of his body. Having done a little more work on the head he went in with deep red tones around the head, bringing it sharply into focus…and so quickly and seemingly carelessly. But the man emerged from the canvas impressively.

He divided the class into two groups, one to paint the man and the other to paint a woman playing a guitar. (The sitters were extremely still, which made things easier)! Rob discussed with each student how their painting was progressing and how to achieve a resemblance and an accurately painted full figure.

The weather was beautiful and when we broke for lunch we all went outside and sat in the sun enjoying the silence and the countryside and chatting together.

At the end of the day we were all rather tired. But pleased with what we’d learned and what we’d created.

Pauline Brown