November 2015

Demonstration by Kate Wyatt on 6 November 2015

Kate Wyatt spoke of her love of wildlife – in particular hares. She used delicate and subdued colours in her watercolour washes, catching the attitudes and momentary movements of these charming animals. Her finished work was a great example of the less-is-more method of painting.

Pauline Brown

Bedford Art Society’s take on Bedford…

In search of a project that would help to bring members together, the Society asked Bedford Hospitals Charity if they would accept an artwork. We got a very positive response and we were asked to create something depicting Bedford and its River.

Members came up with many suggestions and there was soon a large collection of beautiful little pictures from over twenty artists. At least one picture was selected from each artist and arranged on a background of an outline of the river in Bedford.

The collage was presented at the end of November and was enthusiastically received.
A letter of thanks from Stephen Conroy, Chief Executive, says "The mural is excellent, and captures the very essence of Bedford, depicting an eclectic mix of old and new mixed with traditional views of the river and local buildings."

The picture with presentation plaque is on the wall of the corridor near Cygnet Wing and can be viewed by all who pass by.

Jean Paterson