May 2016

Linda Travers Smith

We were given an entertaining demonstration by Linda Travers Smith a tutor from Heath and Reach, who showed us her work using pen and watercolour.
Her style is very free as she sprays her paper with water then applies the paint – seemingly randomly – to produce a shape with which she can work. The first time it was to be flowers. She had roughly drawn the shapes in pencil on the watercolour paper to give her an idea of where to put the paint and the colour which was needed for best effect.
While this dried, we were shown more a structured approach to produce a picture of chickens. The ink had been used to draw their outlines, before filling colour to give the effect of feathers, light and shade. The background was then done afterwards.
Going back to the first painting – now dry – ink was applied with a variety of sticks and pens to give a textured affect of petal, sepals and stalks, which produced a lovely final picture.
She also showed us how black Quink ink separates into a variety of colours as it dries, which gives a delicate, shading effect.
By the end of the evening we were all full of questions which were answered clearly and concisely.

Diane Bell