January 2019

Demonstration by artist Heather Miller

On 4th January we met for our first meeting of the new year and enjoyed a presentation and demonstration by artist, Heather Miller.

She is an impressionist artist and chose a composite landscape of a bluebell wood for her demonstration in acrylics. She began by showing us her palette of colours which she had chosen for the picture, and her brushes. She favours large flat brushes to lay the initial paint onto a coloured background, beginning with the darker shades and working to the lighter shades, which gives a depth of tone.

Heather chose to position the main features to ground the work and then put the enhancing details on as the work progressed. The trees were painted in the mid-ground first then working to those paler ones in the distance, which gave the position for shading and lightness. As the work grew Heather explained which paints she was using and also why she mixes the paint on the canvas not on the palatte. This is due to the facts that the paint doesn't dry so quickly and blends more naturally.

By the end of the evening there was a lovely representation of a bluebell wood giving us a flavour of what can be achieved through the medium of acrylics.

Diane Bell