January 2018

Bedford Art Society January 2018 meeting

On 5 January we met at Putnoe Heights Church for a welcome return of Sonia Bacchus for a demonstration of painting with guache and oil pastels.

She began by explaining her paints and her techniques for copying a picture from a black and white photo, which gave an interesting insight into an artist's thinking. She had also brought some examples of her work which included portraits and animals as well as landscapes – so, a wide variety of subjects.

The painting was drawn on a cream-coloured board which is not as 'shocking' as white and gives a favourable background to receive the colours which are applied on top. As the drawing evolved more and more tips were given to us to help with our own pictures.

The final picture which Sonia achieved, was that of a nude, the photographer's wife, washing herself by an open cottage window in France, with the countryside framed in that opening.

Diane Bell