February 2021

Aine Divine Demo

Our artist this month, Aine Divine, showed us her technique on a Zoom presentation, for making a painting of her daughter in watercolour. She stressed that she liked to limber up with some excercises before she begins her paintings as she feel the painting flows more and is more alive.

She began by setting the lines of the face and the tilt of the shoulders, and she didn't mind the paint running down the paper as she would use the lines later. The outline of the hair and the jumper were sketched in next.

As the picture progressed the size of the brush increased to draw in the hair, and Aine made a point of looking carefully at the area selected for painting before she put the brush to the paper. She turned the picture through 90 degrees to use the runs of the paint, again, to be able to use them later, then it was returned to centre tobe continued.

The depth of colour and shading were increased as the work proceeded, to build up to the completed portrait.

Diane Bell