January 2017

Bedford Art Society January meeting.

Our first meeting of the year at Putnoe Heights Church, was a slide show given by Maxine Copeland, a local artist, who took us through the art of lino printing.

She showed us the type of lino she uses and went back in time to explain how printing had first started with basic hand prints found and preserved in caves around the world.

We also saw the differences between lithographs, etching, engraving and printing, each with their own techniques. She showed us how an image is built up with different colours and explained that time is a major factor in hand printing. She uses natural equipment wherever possible to achieve her pictures and assured us we need not have to use expensive items to make a good print.

She explained how some pictures have influenced her work and how some have to be rejected as they are not suitable for her type of work. Blocks of colour and linear scenes are the best so we saw some interesting pictures of Willington Dovecote, both inside and out, buildings on Woburn High Street, Moggerhanger House, the band stand in Bedford Park and bridges over the Ouse.

Maybe we will be inspired to try our own prints for our next exhibition.

Diane Bell